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At Southern Orthocare, we provide high quality orthopedic bracing to correct a variety of pathologies associated with biomechanical deficiencies resulting from fractures, ligament tears, muscle weakness, paralysis, deformity, or general injury. We provide braces for the foot, ankle, knee, hip, spine, shoulder, neck, elbow and wrist. ​

More specifically, we dispense all types of AFOs (and KAFOs if merited) to address ankle instability, PTTD and Foot Drop as well as cam boots and air casts for foot and ankle fractures or sprains. We also deliver knee braces for ACL/MCL tears, OA of the knee, patella dislocation, or knee pain. Further, we dispense a variety of cervical and spinal orthoses designed to address specific spinal conditions and diagnoses. We also provide body jackets, hip abduction braces, and wrist / thumb spica splints.

We partner with the most advanced orthotic device makers on the planet to deliver the best care available to each patient.

We work with Otto Bock, Ossure, Breg, DeRoyal, Orthomerica, Aspen, Arizona, Allard, and many others manufacturers of orthopedic braces. ​

If your doctor writes you a prescription for an orthopedic protective or corrective brace, we would be honored to serve you!

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