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Welcome to Southern Orthocare. We are honored that you are here.

We exist to serve anyone who has experienced limb loss, has difficulty with mobility due to an orthopedic or neuromuscular condition, or has diabetes. Our goal is to enable the greatest level of mobility possible for every patient in every situation. As the region's only ABC accredited O&P facility, we deliver only the highest level of patient care. We provide prosthetic limbs, orthopedic bracing, and custom diabetic footwear. We work with the most technologically advanced device makers on the planet, and are contracted with about every insurance plan available in our region. At Southern Orthocare, we treat you like family!

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Meet Our Practitioners

In The News

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Joshua Kenny, CPO, LPO-TN

ABC Prosthetist/Orthotist and Clinic Manager, Morristown & Greeneville

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